Raise Sails, Not Taxes

The coronavirus pandemic has left Rhode Island with significant revenue loss after forced government shutdowns. Now, legislators are being pushed by public-employee unions and the progressive-left to put the burden on you ... and to raise your taxes. This is not a burden Rhode Island can bear.

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The worst time to raise taxes is during an economic crisis. Jobs and businesses will be destroyed, while your family will have less disposable income. The left only cares about their precious state budget and keeping spending levels high … they don’t care about your business or family budget.

High taxes have long plagued Rhode Island. Already with the worst business climate in America, residents have been forced to leave our state in droves.


It’s time to tell legislators to stop with the high taxes!

We need Rhode Island to become a more prosperous place to raise a family and build a career…and maybe even own our own boat.


FREE MARKETS DESTROY … higher taxes lead to a bigger government … and a smaller free enterprise system. Big-government advocates do not understand that FREE MARKETS DESTROY the conditions we DON’T want.


  • Destroy Privilege
  • Destroy Poverty and Hunger
  • Destroy Broken Models of Education
  • Destroy Disease
  • Destroy High Rents
  • Destroy Pollution and Climate Change
  • Destroy Boredom

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